An important question you should ask yourself when organising an event or presentation is:
Will I reach my goals and how can I measure my Return on Investment? Which is not always an easy task. To evaluate the success of your meeting a survey can be a handy tool to use. Attendees can fill in a  survey in hard copy at the end of your event or a digital survey by email by the time they get home. But we all know both options are not ideal.

Avint has a great alternative! Avint is an audience response system that gives you the opportunity to ask questions to your participants during a presentation or event. The audience can simply respond to the questions with their own smartphone or tablet. With this you create more engagement with your audience. At the end of your event you can use Avint as a digital survey tool and ask questions real-time. Your attendee can respond instantly at your questions with their own smartphone or tablet. Avint gives you an easy solution to evaluate immediately after the event has taken place.


Avint is a wireless audience response system which your attendees can use to participate in a presentation or meeting.  It works cross platform on every device which connects to Wi-Fi.

With the use of Avint you can ask your participants real-time questions during a meeting, which they can answer directly with their own smartphone. Results will appear on a big screen directly for the complete audience. But it also works the other way around: the audience have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter. The Avint voting tool creates more engagement with the audience.

Gather instant audience feedback and determine the opinion or level of your attendees, which may lead to the development of a new business strategy or improvement of trainings.


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